node and iojs with nvm

NVM is a version manager for node.js just like RVM is for ruby. io.js is a fork of node which has more features than current node.js implementation. They may merge in the future.

I use both with NVM. I can switch between node and iojs as well as target specific versions of either one of them. Install NVM by following directions on its site.

I used Homebrew to install nvm.

brew install nvm

After installation is done…

// list all installed node versions on my machine (I have been using nvm...)
nvm ls
->       system
node -> stable (-> v0.12.4) (default)
stable -> 0.12 (-> v0.12.4) (default)
iojs -> iojs- (-> system) (default)

// check what node versions are available remotely
nvm ls-remote

// switch to iojs
nvm use iojs

// switch back to node
nvm use node

// install node version
nvm install v0.10.11

// switch to installed version
nvm use v0.10.11

// uninstall a node version
nvm uninstall v0.10.11

// uninstall nvm entirely
rm -rf ~/.nvm ~/.npm ~/.bower

These are simple and useful tasks. See nvm site for details.

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