Simplest git repository setup on windows server

Git is awesome, you should know that. I had to setup a central git repository for a small team in a Windows shop. The simplest setup to get started is as follows.

On the Windows Server:

  • Install git (
  • Create and share a folder where you will use it as central repository (C:\repositories\myproject). Setup whatever permissions you want to setup on the shared folder.
  • Run git bash and:

cd myproject
git init --bare

On your Windows Workstation

  • Map the shared folder (mypoject) on the server to a drive (ie: z) on your workstation
  • Install git (
  • Create a folder where you will work on the project.
  • Run git bash and:

cd /c/projects
mkdir myproject
cd myproject
git init
touch readme.txt
notepad readme.txt # add some content
git add -A
git commit -m 'initial checkin'
git remote add origin file:///z/repositories/myproject
git push origin master
git branch -a

This is it…